Wedding Photography

Capturing beautiful moments of your wedding is just the beginning. My wedding photography couples are not only treated to stunning photographs but also a timeless albums that will be cherished for generations. These albums are crafted to stand the test of time. When you flip through the pages of your wedding album years down the line, you’ll be transported back to that magical day filled with joy and happiness.

In this digital age, we often overlook the true value of printed photographs decorating our walls. Wall art not only adds a touch of elegance and personalisation to your home, but it also immortalises your special day in a way that no digital file ever could. Moreover, wall art serves as a tangible reminder of the vows exchanged and the love shared on one of the most important days of your life.

Premium Wedding Album

A wedding album for the senses

Ever owned a designer bag? Then you’ll understand what it means to hold this album in your hands. An experience for the senses! Smell the leather, feel the weight and texture, see the crisp images in true brilliant colour.

Photography is an art intended to be printed. If it is going to become part of you life, print it professionally. Working with a pro lab vs retail, is the difference between a $$$ designer bag and a $$ basic bag.

I once delivered digitals only. I discovered that the rare client that had actually gotten around to printing their photos, owned prints that were sub-standard. Dull colour and the clarity just wasn’t what it should be.

Working closely with my pro lab, I ensure colours are accurate. The premium materials used are chosen for their gorgeous finish and longevity. The archival properties mean, your album and wall art is made to last. Art pieces for both you and your family to enjoy for generations. An heirloom.

A high end bag goes beyond functionality and necessity to an experience. Your wedding photos deserve no less.

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Wall Art

Printed at my professional lab, you wall art will not fade over time. With the option of museum quality framed artwork, acrylic, metal or canvas we will design the perfect artwork to enhance your home.

Framed wall art goes beyond a pretty picture

You thought wall portraits are just about decorating your home? Well yes, but it is so much more! Psychologists have studied the benefits. They add to the sense of belonging & closeness. Remembering your wedding day. Making your house…a home!

Life is filled with highs, lows and in the middles. The lows make us appreciate the highs and the highs help us through the lows. This is why precious memories should fill your walls.

Museum quality, means wall art you can’t purchase in a retail shop. Printed on premium paper using archival inks. Wooden framed, mounted on white or black board and ready to hang. While I love framed art work, alternative options available are canvas, metal or acrylic.

Give your marriage the honour it deserves. Add a timeless addition to your abode.

Wedding photography that goes beyond your big day

It’s about a marriage, a celebration of family. Remembering your treasured moments time and again. A gift to pass on to the next generation. What greater privilege than to help you create a legacy! I am here to help in the lead up. We’ll go through all the details beforehand, so all you have to think about on the day, is getting married.

Photography is my passion – weddings more so. I love capturing people and memories in a blend of candid and posed, a balance of fun and classic. Cherished memories, that’s my commitment to your day of commitment.

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Bride and Groom walking along Port Melbourne Pier

“Thank you so much, that was so fast! They look absolutely perfect!!!” – Laura & Cohen

Couple looking at each other with the Dandenongs in the background

“Thanks for this – we have received the photos and they’re lovely!” – Rohan

Bride and Groom in front of golden sunset

“Wow that was quick!! The photos look amazing!!!! And such a lovely message too. You did such an amazing job managing everything. Thanks so much you’re so talented and I’m so happy we had both of you taking photos on the night” – Prema