Why is a photography assistant so important to a wedding day?

Photography literally means the art of painting with light. Sometimes the existing light is gorgeous and I will work with natural light. Often, it’s not the most flattering. An assistant helps me sculpt the light in a natural, beautiful and often dramatic way.

The art of sculpting light

Alexandra and Jonathan's speechesWhen flash is required, I generally have it off camera. This is much more appealing for the human figure. If you went to a photographer’s studio for portraits, you would never see them working with a flash on-camera. There is a reason they have strategically positioned each of their lights. This is what I do on a wedding day. 

Imagine having a flashlight placed on your head, shining directly at everything. This is essentially what flash on-camera is. We most commonly see light coming from above us on an angle, which is what I aim to replicate. Light from an angle gives more dimension to an image.

‘What about bouncing the flash you say?’ Sure, I’ll use my flash on-camera and bounce it off a white wall or roof (if it’s available). Of course, it does have it’s place. Flash on-camera is great when I want to get amongst everything on the dance floor or I want to zip around the room and get photos of your guests.

Alexandra and Jonathan's weddingWhen on-camera flash just doesn’t cut it:

• Speeches
• First dance
• Receptions with a window behind the bridal table
• A sunset shot when you want pretty light on you with all the colour of a gorgeous sky
• Night shots for both backlighting and front lighting
• Dark receptions with dark walls.

And there’s more:

Besides the big lighting factor, my assistant also helps me:
• Organise family formals
• Move gear quickly
• Set up lights
• Parking the car if needed, so I can keep moving
Find missing family members, hold wedding dress train, bouquets. And lots of other random jobs that help our bride and groom have a smoother running day.

So why an assistant?

My assistant is a huge benefit to our wedding photography coverage. It allows me to push your wedding photos to the next level and quickly light in the most flattering way.