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It is such a privilege to be around a bride and a groom during their preparation. It feels like a sacred time, when their very dear people are present. It’s an exciting, occasionally stressful (for the bride or groom) but always momentous, hopefully cherished time. If wedding detail shots are important to you, here are a few tips to make the most out of this time.


This is such a special time. Anything that you think could potentially be stressful, plan around it so that you can enjoy your preparations. On my wedding day I didn’t want to be stressed, so I worked with my hair and make up artists to make sure we would be ready in time. Just beware time slips away on the wedding day so make sure you have enough time padding into your prep time. If there are groom preparation shots your photographer/videographer will go first to the groom and then come to the bride. Your hair and make up artists will most likely advise you that the bride needs to do their hair before their make up. If you want some detail shots, organise for your photographer to arrive a bit before your make up.

Detail shots

Give your detail shot list of what you would like captured to your maid of honour for the bride and best man for the groom. If you don’t have a bridal party give this to whoever else is there that you can rely to take it off your hands. Make sure they gather up anything the photographer/videographer needs to capture.

Typically with the groom:

• Wedding rings
• Shoes/socks
• Cufflinks
• Boutonnière (buttonhole flowers)
• If a loved one has passed on you make like a framed picture of them in the background

Typically with the bride:

• The invitation
• Engagement ring (keep it on your finger until they are ready for it)
• Bouquets
• Bridal jewellery
• Bridal shoes
• Veil or head piece if you are not yet wearing it
• Your perfume
• If a loved one has passed on you make like a framed picture of them in the background
• Anything else that you want to remember


If you can, your photographer will be in heaven if you choose a room to get ready in with gentle light streaming through the window. If there are nice curtains all the better!  It heaps if the room is as uncluttered as possible, as the clutter will detract in your photos.


Have the group shot somewhere pretty where there is enough space for your film crew to stand back. This may mean outside (a zoom lens is more flattering for portraits than wide angle lens).


Take a moment to breath, take note of all your senses and cherish the moments that are unfolding.