FAQ – Frequently asked questionsJess and Josh's rings

Are you free on my wedding day?

Email, phone or fill out our contact form and we will get straight back to you.

How do I book you?

To hold your date we require a booking fee of 20% and signing of our contract. Since we will then be holding the date for you and taking no other bookings on that day, the booking fee is non-refundable.

What if it rains on my wedding day?

The only thing we need from you is to keep that smile on your face. You are about to marry the love of your life. We promise we will still be able to produce a variety of beautiful images and footage for you. We will need to discuss your individual options depending on the logistics of your day.

What if you can’t make my wedding?

Firstly it would have to be something extremely serious for us not to make your day. A sniffle is not going to keep us away. In an emergency we have a network of amazing photographers and videographers that we can call on.

Are you posed of candid?

A bit of both. We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed. We’d like to step back and capture your interaction as you catch up for the first time as a married couple. We also realise that most of us aren’t getting photographed every day, so we are here to coach you through the portraits part of your day.

When will I get my footage?

If it is part of your package, a one minute highlights reel will be uploaded to Facebook within one week after the wedding. An approval DVD will be provided within 10 weeks. Once we receive your approval, final DVD(s) will be supplied within 2 weeks.

When will I get my photos?

3-5 photos will be uploaded to Facebook within 1 week after the wedding. You will receive your photos 4-6 weeks after the wedding.

When are the next payments due?

After the deposit a second payment of 50% is due 2 weeks before the wedding day. The final payment is due 2 weeks after the wedding.

Will we meet?

We like to meet up with our couples before their day, to talk about the timings and what events they need us to capture as well as understanding the particulars of their day.

Do you need a meal?

If we are booked during your reception, we request that each person from Encore Studio receives a meal. If we have been with you since morning, we’ll be quite hungry by then. ?

Do I need to think about permits?

It is the clients responsibility to research and acquire permits if it is required. Of course, if you need a hand on where to look, we are of course here to help.

What is your style?

We tend to have more of an editorial style. We want the images that we capture of you to be memories of precious moments. During the bridal and family portraits, we coach you a little but we also want to capture who you really are.

Do you have contractors?

Corey is the videography and Leisl is the photographer. If you book us, we will be the one’s covering your day. If your wedding date is not available in our calendar, we do work with many other wonderful videographers and photographers, we can discuss that.

What does the end package include?

That depends on which package you select. Photography will be given to you on a USB with images ready for print and social media to make it quick and easy for you to share photos. Videography will be received by either USB or DVD depending on your package.

How many cameras do you use, to cover what?

For video we use up to four cameras set up at different angles in the room. This is particularly during the ceremony. During the reception generally two cameras are set up. For photography, all cameras are full frame cameras, one main camera and one back up.

What parts of the wedding day do you capture?

Whatever you want captured.

What will you wear?

Particularly during your ceremony, we want to be as unnoticed as possible. For this reason we tend to wear black. We dress smartly but comfortably so we can move quickly and easily when required.

How do you ensure good audio?

We use a lapel mic during the ceremony and also plug into the sound desk feed at both the ceremony and reception when it is available. There are also mics on top of the camera.

Can I have a say in the videography editing process?

Absolutely. You will receive the edit to approve. We invite you to sit with it and feedback if there is anything you want changed.

Can I select the music for the video?


Do you do albums?

Albums are available for an additonal cost. Please talk to use if this interests you.

Any other questions, we’d be only too happy to discuss the details of your day. Contact us