How important are clear, in focus, creatively shot images? How important is your wedding?
A day you will cherish forever? If so, read one…

Is a professional photographer worth the expense?

Think of when you’ve attended weddings: what did you notice? What mattered to you? Did you love looking at their wedding images later?

Our advice: spend on what matters to you.

How does a pro photographer’s equipment differ to your smart phone?

In a nutshell, thousands of dollars! Your small handheld mobile has a single lens, nice enough if you’re happy with snapshots … informal photographs taken quickly. Pro photographers understand their top-of-the-range cameras and how to use them:

  • the subtleties that produce a quality picture
  • how to use low-lighting
  • how to configure their cameras, and what lenses to use and when
  • adjusting to the discrepancies between natural and artificial light
  • Imperfect lighting? Your photographer will find good light – or create it. 
  • fine-tuning a lens to capture the entire bridal party and decor, along with photographs that capture those up close and personal moments. As the saying goes: memories are made of this.

People skills

Have you ever seen a group of 50 or more people work together harmoniously with no leader? Me neither. When it comes to formal group shots, having everyone turn up is the first challenge. Your photographer should work with you pre-wedding to make this part of the day seamless – as possible.  Direction is vital. Knowing what to look for helps you and your guests look your best:

  • like turning into the bride and groom
  • keeping an eye out for un-required accessories in formal group – sunnies, booklets, drinks, food, hand bags. A simple slide of the foot to put the body in a more flattering position
  • Yes, there’s a place for candid shots but not in the formal portraits. Someone hunched up? We notice and correct posture. It’s about an eye for detail.

Back up, back up, back up

We have backups of everything: cameras, lenses, batteries, memory cards, lighting equipment, gear cleaners, umbrellas – down to safety pins and sewing kits.

On the technical side, two cameras are each writing to two cards. Those cards are meticulously guarded. Back at our workplace, the files are backed up to two external hard drives. Until final delivery of images, those four copies are stored safely. Final JPEGs are sent to you. They are stored on to hard drives and backed up online.

On this, your wedding day, we leave nothing to chance.