We understand the value of wedding photography. Many of us grew up staring at our Grandma and Grandpa’s black and white wedding portrait hanging in their living room. Videography…well that’s another thing. Wedding videography is a relatively new craft. Rather than a picture you pass each day, it’s a DVD or clip you watch on a special occasion with your family or when your children say ‘Mum, can we watch your wedding again?’ When friends ask about your wedding you pull out your 3-10 minutes highlights video and relive the action.


Wedding videography is for the wedding dance you practiced, remembering your vows years down the track, seeing the laughter and joy that surrounded you on your special day. Videography brings alive the sound and motion. For the majority of us, the only professional video we may ever have is our wedding. It captures the messages, words, mannerisms and feelings in a completely unique way.

Your style

Your wedding clip is unique to you and your style. You have a say in the editing process. If you have a highlights video as part of your package you can cut and add clips, change the order of footage and have a say in the music so it perfectly reflects you and your wedding day.

And action

Sound is professionally recorded through plugging into the main sound system and wiring up the groom during the ceremony. Footage is recorded through multiple cameras to give you different angles and prospectives to the day.

It is important to understand that wedding videography is a different art to photography. As the years pass, they are the memories of the day that remain with us and that not only we can cherish but the generations to follow.