Couples often like to have an engagement shoot for a few reasons. It gives couples an opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera and get to know your photographer before the big day. You may wish to have a photo of the two of you on your ‘gifts table’ or for your ‘save the date’ cards. Or it might just be a nice opportunity to get some professional photos of the two of you. There are a few things to think about before booking your engagement session.

Time of Day

It’s good to bear in mind that the best time for shooting is at sunrise or a bit before sunset. This is when the sun is most flattering. It won’t leave harsh shadows on your face and it will make for some pretty backdrops. If you are having this session a few weeks before your wedding, you are probably very busy. However, it is worth shifting your schedule and working in with your photographer to see if you can find a time of day with the best light. Since the sun doesn’t wait for anyone, it is important to arrive on time.


It’s a good idea to choose somewhere with a nice backdrop. If there is somewhere sentimental to the two of you perhaps you can get some images there and a few locations nearby. Bear in mind the time of year, anywhere with nature looks different at different times of the year.

What to wear

Firstly I’d suggest what makes you feel beautiful. Often smart casual is a good dress code to go with but whatever you choose make sure that you both look like you are going to the same event. Co-ordinate your outfit with your fiancé/fiancée to make sure you don’t clash. This doesn’t mean you need to match (if that isn’t your style) but make sure both your outfits are visually appealing together.


This may be the perfect time to get your make-up done professionally. If you are getting a make-up trial for your wedding and are not too worried about your fiancé seeing your make-up before the big day, get it done then. Alternatively, if you are like me and loooovvvvee Napolean they give you a make over redeemable on product (as do other make-up companies), so if your kit needs replenishment…the day of your engagement shoot might be the perfect time to stock up.

Enjoy it

Your photographer will do their best to make sure you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Look at it as a time for you and your betrothed. Perhaps plan your engagement session as the beginning of a date night, something to look forward to. The main point have fun!