We’ve all heard how easily the costs of a wedding can blow out. My Mum’s voices echoed in my head during my wedding preparations. ‘You can compromise on price but not style and quality.’ She was the best event planner I’ve seen. Her secret was that she started with the feeling she wanted to create. How she wanted guests to feel.

Setting your wedding budget
Excel spreadsheet to help with setting a wedding budget.

To get started make an Excel document using the layout displayed above or email us at info@encorestudio.com.au and we’ll happily send your ours.

Our top tips to keep you budget on track

  1. In the ‘Predicted budget’ field write how much you would like to spend for your wedding. Be conservative in case you need room to move.
  2. Take the ‘Marie Kondo’ approach to each item on your wedding list. Decide what truely brings you joy and what you can do without. This is a guide only. You may need to add or remove what doesn’t apply to you.
  3. For each item on your list put an estimated. You will see the total add in the ‘Estimated budget’ field. If your budget is blowing out, are there things you can remove from you list? Or DIY to reduce the cost?
  4. Use the due by column to keep your wedding planning on track. You can use the sort filter then to re-sort the spreadsheet based on the next task.
  5. As you lock in a service, in column 3 record the suppliers name. Column 4, their contact details and column 6 the actual cost. Under ‘Actual Budget’ you will this the ‘actual costs‘ total tally up.
  6. The big cost of a wedding is the amount of guests you invite. Is everyone on your list someone you truly want to celebrate your day with? Whether you are having a big or small wedding, it really has to be, who do you want to spend your day surrounded by?
  7. Generally speaking the largest cost on a wedding day is the reception, with food and drinks. It is important to really think here what is your dream wedding. Is it a traditional wedding venue or something outside the box. Is it a sit down dinner, banquet style or a cocktail party?
  8. Will you host cocktail hour. This is the time before you arrive where your guests wait outside your reception room and receive finger food and drinks.
  9. Remember that it’s not all strictly about budget and know where you are prepared to move and what is truely important to you. How do you want to remember your day?
  10. Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event, find a way not to compromise on what will still matter to you 10 years from now.