Free Wedding for a Beautiful Cause

I recently received a simple request from a Celebrant I know, Charis White, to do the wedding videography for a couple she knew. This is her message:


I am unsure if you would like to help. I am putting in a free wedding for a family whose son is dying if cancer. The whole wedding apart from the reception had been donated. We are yet to secure a videographer. The date is January 19th at 1:30 in the pioneer women’s memorial garden….
Let me know if your interested?

Warm regards,

How could I say no. It sounded like an amazing gift for a family that seemed to be really struggling. Plus I could see the value of having a video of the wedding day that the family could look back to.

A wedding is an amazing event to celebrate and to remember when recalling the happiest days of our lives. When the inevitable happens and we loose a loved one, that footage becomes even more valuable.

When I arrived at Donna and Heath’s place, I was instantly welcomed. Donna was in the process of getting her makeup done by Fiona Tran from Kochou hair and makeup. Clarke the Photographer from Portraits Melbourne had also just arrived and we both began to capture what was happening.

Charis White Celebrant wedding videography

Charis White Celebrant

Charis White Celebrant

Charis White Celebrant

Donna and Heath

Donna and Heath

Josh wedding videography

Heath and Josh

Cake Sweetpea Darlingheart

Cake Sweetpea Darlingheart

I am always a little nervous around someone that is really sick. But I instantly warmed to Josh. I could tell he had a cheeky sense of humour but a loving heart and I tried to show that in their sneak peak video. I could see Josh had a love for video games and movies especially Aliens. So I couldn’t resist adding a bit of Aliens into the sneak peak video (especially because I love that movie too). I normally only focus on things that are about the couple, but I checked with Donna and she said it would be great to have some focus on him.

Heath I found to be very friendly and big hearted. The way he joked with Josh and made difficult tasks light hearted stood out for me. When it came time for speeches I could see that all their guests approved of Heath as an exceptional man for Donna. That was great to capture.

Donna was a proud mother and wife on her wedding day. She was so happy to have all her kids with her on that special day. She loved the sneak peak video. I hope it will bring back many fond memories to come.

As you can see from the video our aim at Encore Studio is to capture your day and your personality. We want the video to be about you. Which is why you are invited to make suggestions from before, during and at the end of the your special day. We encourage our clients to have their say, which is the way it should be. So if you are interested in booking with us then simply follow this link to the booking page and we will get back to you very soon: Contact

Here is a list of the suppliers who made this day possible.

The Wedding Zone – Melbourne (Wedding Planners)
Kochou Hair & Makeup (Wedding Hair & Makeup)
Kelly Moore (Florist)
Sweetpea Darlingheart (Wedding Cakes)
Portraits of Melbourne (Wedding Photography)

Here is a link to the photographers blog about the day:

Here is a link to the Celebrants blog about the day hosted on Wedding Connect: